Executive Rock

Executive Rock is a Team Building program that divides your group into competing rock bands.

Bands are highly correlated to effective teams in the business and organizational world.  Basically, in Executive Rock

The major proposition is:

Working with my band (team), I can make beautiful music (succeed).  Working against my band (team), I will only make noise (fail)

The supporting propositions are:

Working alone, I can only play one instrument or sing one note a time.

Other musicians (teammates) may be more talented than I am, or have different talents than I possess, but if my band (team) is “tight”, we’ll make the better music.

 The member of my band (team) will bring different backgrounds, musical (business) skills, perspectives, sizes, ages, and genders.  But the audience (customer) won’t care.  The audience (customer) will only care about the music (results) we render as a band (team).


From Gary Cady, CEO and Conference Host, Torrey Pines Bank
 We were fortunate to be the Company that helped The Xceptional Music Company launch its Executive Rock team building program.  As the CEO of a leading commercial bank, that’s our mission – to help businesses grow. From my vantage point, the Xceptional Music Company had a strong understanding of what we wanted to accomplish during our retreat and delivered in a manner that helped bring our team closer together, with an experience that will carry us forward.
From Crystal, SVP, Director of Marketing and Conference Leader, Torrey Pines Bank
 The Executive Rock team from The Xceptional Music Company waa delight to work with – they were professional, polite, well organized, effective, and FUN!  The Executive Rock team building exercise was customized to fit within our time frame and from a logistics stand point – we were supported by a more robust audio-visual, lighting and sound package than what we could afford through the hotel. Executive Rock was an incredible package with incredibly talented musicians.
From Teofla, SVP, Head of Private Bank and Conference Attendee, Torrey Pines Bank
 The idea of stepping on stage and dancing and singing about my bank’s goals seemed pretty far fetched when I heard about it.  Guess what, WE LOVED IT!  Even better, it was probably the most effective meeting our bank has ever put together.   I’d strongly recommend this to anyone (except my competitors).  

The Executive Rock package includes:

The curriculum, training materials, and team/band coaches.

Our opening band, and the back up musicians for your competing teams.

A/V from us, or depending on location, from a local provider that we arrange.  A/V to include band mix, front of house PA, lights,  video screens and projectors.

The “band” kit, including a percussion instruments, blue tooth speaker and play device so the band can learn its song, lyric sheets, music guides, and related materials.

In a premium package, our band can also be your evening entertainment, and in your final/closing experience, we can bring your winning team on stage.

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